50 Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

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Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks for Marketing Pro's




  • 92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day gained a customer through their blog. (HubSpotState of Inbound Marketing, 2012)
  • There are 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago. (eMarketer, August 2010)
  • 46% of people read blogs more than once daily. (HubSpot Science of Blogging, 2010)
  • Most people read 5-10 blogs. (HubSpot Science of Blogging, 2010)
  • Nearly 40% of American companies use blogs for marketing purposes

Social Media

  • 59% of marketers are using social media for 6 hours or more weekly. (Social Media Examiner)
  • 42% of marketers say Facebook is essential to their business. (State of Inbound Marketing, 2012)
  • Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. (State of Inbound Marketing, 2012)
  • Retail is the top industry that has gained customers via Facebook. (State of Inbound Marketing, 2012)
  • 80% of American social network users prefer to connect with brands via Facebook. (State…

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