Month: October 2013

My Sister of Winds brings you love…

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The first snowfall of winter came early in the day. 
All the young ones in the family were traveling. 
HUsband was away. I watched the snow swirling in the wind.
It covered the roses still in bloom.
I asked the wind  “Where have you  been?”
My Sister  of the  Wind spoke.
I have been at the ocean, 
I brought the waves to shore.
I skipped over the mountains.
I wanted to see more.
I flew under the eagle’s wings.
I caressed the pine.
I made the clouds mine. 
I made the trees sing.
I danced higher
Higher still.
Always learning the Creator‘s will.
I came to greet you
in your mountain home.
I gathered some friends
We heard you singing a tone. 
We are going to be here for many hours.
Do you have candles
when our storm brewing turns off the power?
I brought my sisters, Hail and…

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D1 seen from Festival Tower

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Introducing V

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Empire Kred

vWhen we started Empire Avenue we had a singular goal of providing people with the benefit of being able to exchange the value derived from their social networking online into things they could use. We’re about to make that dream a reality and with it comes the need for a second, complimentary currency.

Since the very beginning of Empire Avenue we have talked about our social currency as being called Eaves and this announcement does not change that. Eaves is now made up of E (which you have already been using) and V (our new complimentary rewards currency). E, denoted by the small “e” or the currency symbol for “e”, are used throughout the site especially in the Social Stock Market where your Share Price, Dividends and Investments are all handled with E.

Our new complimentary rewards currency to go together with E is denoted by “V”. You might notice that…

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