My Sister of Winds brings you love…

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The first snowfall of winter came early in the day. 
All the young ones in the family were traveling. 
HUsband was away. I watched the snow swirling in the wind.
It covered the roses still in bloom.
I asked the wind  “Where have you  been?”
My Sister  of the  Wind spoke.
I have been at the ocean, 
I brought the waves to shore.
I skipped over the mountains.
I wanted to see more.
I flew under the eagle’s wings.
I caressed the pine.
I made the clouds mine. 
I made the trees sing.
I danced higher
Higher still.
Always learning the Creator‘s will.
I came to greet you
in your mountain home.
I gathered some friends
We heard you singing a tone. 
We are going to be here for many hours.
Do you have candles
when our storm brewing turns off the power?
I brought my sisters, Hail and…

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