Healing from Sexual Abuse – A Transformational Journey – Part 2

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I sat quietly and closed my eyes.  So much pain today with my family as I watched violence acted out once again.  I could blame it on my father and yes part of that is true.  However, we all have choices today to do it differently.

Dad:  You’ve done well on your journey, Mary Lynn.  Do you want it to end this way?  Dig down deep and look for my spirit?

I didn’t have the energy to dig down deep.  I was too enmeshed in the other’s pain.  I feel it all and find it difficult to separate.  The emotional turmoil of my family is great.  It saps my energy and to do this work energy I need.  I am shut down from spirit and love and wanting to find my way back there.  Keep seeing him in human form and I was stuck there.  Today, the music kicked in…

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