Curcumin Extreme, So important for the liver!

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Curcumin Extreme, So important for the liver!

It is well documented that chronic inflammation is at the root cause of Type II Diabetes and Type III Diabetes(Alzheimer’s Disease). The best means of effectively attacking Chronic Inflammation is with anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are anti-inflammatory and also anti- microbial.

Morbid microbes like bacteria are the major cause of chronic inflammation second only to sugar. When I talk of sugar I am necessarily including foods that are largely complex carbs like potatoes, wheat and rice that are quickly broken down into simple sugars.

The deterioration of the body called aging is largely the result of chronic inflammation or C.I.

What is well known is that inflammation creates insulin insensitivity (Type II Diabetes) because it alters the insulin receptor sites on a cell’s surface to make it unusable. What is not well known is that C.I. also alters the shape of Insulin Like Growth Factor receptor sites on the surface of the…

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